Dobson’s Woods & Water, Inc has been a family owned and operated business in the Central Florida area since 1982.  With its extensive history and experience, Dobson’s Woods & Water is confident that it can complete any type of project to the customer’s complete satisfaction.

We are located in Ocoee, Florida and have a 40-acre tree farm in Clermont, Florida. Our Main office is located at 851 Maguire Rd. Ocoee, FL  34761. We employ around 48 full-time employees.  Dobson’s main office consists of five different divisions: Landscape, Irrigation, Lawn & Ornamental Spraying, Irrigation Service, and Lawn Maintenance.  Our main departments: Lawn Maintenance, Landscape, and Irrigation; are comprised of a General Manager or a Project Manager, a Foreman, Leadmen, and Team members.  The Foreman, Leadmen, and Team members make up the crews.  The President, Vice President, and Operations Managers supervise each department as well as the Office Personnel. The scope of our work includes Landscape Architectural Design, Installation, and Maintenance of the Material/Product.  Some of our previous projects have also included Streetscaping and Hardscaping. 

The philosophy at Dobson’s Woods & Water, Inc. has led it to be a successful company for over thirty-seven years. Our Philosophy is based on two things: Quality and Respect.  By combining these two attributes we hope to create long-term customer and employee loyalty.  We believe that having a quality product at a reasonable cost will not only satisfy current client but bring in new clients as well.  In addition, our dedication to quality will lead, and has led, to a strong reputation throughout Central Florida.  Our main advertising is through word of mouth, so if we fail to deliver a superior product our reputation suffers and in turn so does the business.  Quality personnel throughout an organization is also a necessity.  We believe in the motivation of promoting within.  We have found that many employees will push themselves to a higher standard if they know they will improve their position in the company.  Many of our managers started out in the field at the lowest level and have worked their way up to one of the higher levels.  These are some of our best managers, and we are extremely grateful that they invested their time and expertise with our company.  Dobson’s Woods & Water, Inc. also ensures that its workforce is one hundred percent legal.  We are currently an E-Verified company and are one of the only Homeland Security Image Contractors in the state of Florida.   

Respect is the second component of our philosophy.  Treating customers and employees with respect leads to a better relationship with the employee and client.  We hope that by respecting our employees, we are motivating them to work even harder for our customers and are creating loyalty.  Loyal and motivated employees work harder and are more apt to deliver a superior product to the client.  Respect for the client will also lead to loyalty.  We try to listen to our client’s concerns and help the best we can.  At Dobson’s we value our customers and try to do everything we can to exceed their expectations.

Furthermore, everyone at Dobson’s Woods & Water, Inc. strives to keep environmental concerns at the forefront of their mind when purchasing products and designing projects.  Whenever possible, the company uses native and indigenous plant material, reclaimed water sources, and environmentally friendly chemicals.  We have also completed numerous LEED projects for various customers.  We have also participated in numerous Best Management Practices seminars at The University of Florida.  These seminars teach companies how to properly care for plant material in an environmentally friendly way.